acne medication


As a result of becoming acne scar and crater acne, what is fixed as redness or darkness due to the deposition of the pigment is called acne scar. In addition, crater says that acne bacteria causing inflammation to subcutaneous tissues and surroundings, resulting in rough surface of the skin. it is very bad such traces will remain even after treatment.

how to remove acne

Because white acne or black acne is a sebum clogging, it can be treated without leaving a trace by early treatment, but acne scars and craters can be formed in the case of red acne or yellow acne (there is damage to the subcutaneous tissue). Treatment becomes strict. Even though you can improve the acne itself, it is difficult to treat acne scars and craters, so it is important to deal with before acne or yellow acne start showing effect.

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Remedies for acne

acne 3It is the same reason as stains due to sun, freckles due to pigment settling on the skin. therefore, activating skin metabolism is a way to approach acne scarring. As ingestion of vitamin C has antioxidant action and inhibiting melanin pigment, it can make acne marks inconspicuous. However, Vitamin C is easily destroyed by other meals and smoking. It will also be reduced by stress, so it will be greatly affected by lifestyle. It is always advisable to review lifestyles such as sleeping and meals. But considering that it will take time, you also need to be prepared to work on your mind. So, let’s deal with it before it becomes yellow acne or red acne. You must know that dealing with craters treatment is not easy, but there is a way to reconstitute the skin by generating proteins that make up the skin. however, it takes time and money to inject elastin, collagen and laser treatment with clinic.