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Proactive is an acne care item sold in the USA. It is the function of prevention and elimination of acne, which is the No 1 product. Most of the things sold in Japan are sold according to Japanese skin, so you can use it with confidence. In addition, it does not change from usual skin care with 3 steps of facial cleansing, lotion, treatment, so you can incorporate it into your lifestyle naturally. It is effective not only for women but also for men. It is suitable for children of adolescence.

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Proactive unique acne skin care system “combination treatment” effectively eliminate acne and sterilize the skin. So, you would like to know what is a combination treatment? Combination treatment is a technology developed by Mr Kathy Fields of the United States and Mr Katie Rhodan. This technology is based on the experiences of the 2 specialists of the skin, it was made with five years’ time visit at . Proactive is adopting this proprietary technology, it is easy to evaluate in the whole country as a product that can be used for anyone.

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Combination treatment technology not only prevents acne but also has the effect of keeping skin sterilization, moisture and removing excessive sebum. We combine selected ingredients in a well-balanced manner and realize high-quality care with ease. The 60 days money back guarantee skin care products are very interesting whether it fits your skin. Proactive is guaranteed a refund if it is within 60 days, and will refund the full amount if it does not fit your skin. There is no such thing as a trial set because the skin care does not immediately improve the effect, because it can feel the effect after several weeks.

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Even if you use all the items, we will guarantee refund by returning within 60 days from arrival date. (Applicable only for first time set.) It is important to convince by realizing the direct effect of skin care. Since the initial set is about 2 months’ worth of content, you can use plenty to verify the effect.