best acne treatment


Pneumatic recurrence is less likely one of the proactive efficacy acne recurrence. By the effect of combination treatment, it finishes not only relieving acne but also recurring skin. let’s do it correctly in 3 steps of “facial cleansing – lotion/ treatment” and care for sensitive acne skin gently to eliminate recurrence prevention skin quality.

effect of acne


cleanser Proactive renewing cleanser (facial cleanser) is used for sterilization and cleaning. 
When skin pores become clogged with dirt and sebum accumulates, acne bacteria grow from there, so acne occurs.
Renewing cleanser removes dirt on the pores by fine particle scrubbing and also suppresses acne and inflammation of acne because it also serves as sterilization. Let’s wash gently so as not to hurt your skin.

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Pro Active Revitalizing Toner (lotion) removes excessively secreted skin oil and removes waste products. It is effective for prevention of acne by using it together with facial cleanser. 
Lotion l creates the foundation of the skin, so it will be more effective by using revitalizing toner after cleansing with renewing cleanser in advance.


retinolProactive Repairing Cream (Treatment) has the effect of moisturizing and conditioning the skin. When the skin is dry, it keeps moisture and protects the skin, so it secretes sebum. If there is moderial moisture in advance, it will not secrete excessive sebum. By moderately moisturizing with a repairing cream, it makes the skin not to secrete sebum which is the cause of acne. Also, because it is a high plant ingredient formulation gives moisture to the skin gently. Treatment will be done after the above two step. Even if you protect skin’s moisture with sebum dirt, the effect will not increase. Also, on sunny days, use with oil-free moisture SPF 15 (sunscreen), use GT moisture (night cream) at night, etc. is also effective way to increase effect.