acne treatment


Acne is a skin condition which can cause spots and pimples, in most of the case on the face, shoulders, neck, chest and on the upper arms. It commonly occurs during puberty, especially when the sebaceous gland activates, but it can also occur at any age.

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There are countless pores on the skin, but clogging the pores with sebum causes acne. Usually, pores in the pores are open, so it is not discharged into the air and it is not clogged, but pores are blocked by old horny or dirt, and the pores are clogged. If the condition is poor and the metabolism is inadequate or the facial cleansing is not enough, old horny remains and it becomes harder, which causes sebum to become clogged. If left untreated, acne bacteria will become an overgrowth bed and will become acne. Excessive secretion of sebum and defects or metabolism occur due to various causes, but in order to eliminate the cause and create skin which does not cause acne, several factors need to be taken care such as:


  • Not taking much of your dietary fat which is easy to realize, but when eating a lot of tempura…The face will be glossy after meals. So, in that case, let’s be careful as it is excessive secretion of sebum.
  • Sleep deprivation: since it is one of the factors causing poor physical condition as well as acne, I think that everyone is trying to think about it but it is said that skin is made while sleeping, especially for bedtime at night. The hormone secretion becomes active in the belt, which greatly affects metabolism. Sufficient sleep is necessary to get tired of the skin.
  • Stress: you must know that stress greatly affect hormone secretion and body’s resistance. Continuing strong stress will affect metabolic function and have negative effects on the skin. Vous ne serez pas deçu en visitant ce site du casino en ligne, pour savoir comment vous faire des frics.
  • Constipation: when the function of the bowel weakens, fences are not discharged and harmful substances are born. When a harmful substance goes around the body, it mixes with sebum when it tries to discharge from the pores, causing acne. Smoking also causes poor blood circulation and the generation of active oxygen due to contraction of the blood vessel it will also destroy vitamin C to prevent the generation of active oxygen, it will have negative effects on the skin. nonetheless the presence of acne bacterium it is necessary to protect the human skin from outside stimulation, too much will cause inflammation. When sebum of pores is excessively secreted, it becomes a hotbed.