There is a refund system for 60 days Proactive has a 60 days money back guarantee system and if you cannot convince using it continuously, the first 60-day trial set will return all product containers within 60 days at ¥ 8,400 which is the equivalent of 1073,53€ (tax included). By doing so we refund all product prices for francais online casinos. It is guaranteed even if it is exhausted completely and you can check if it fits your skin after plenty of it for 2 months. Proactive is basically set sale, basis set (¥ 8,800 = 1073,53€) Acne intensive Care set (Medicated) (¥ ​​10,900= 1394,23€). Perfect Acne care set ((¥ ​​10,900= 1394,23€). Body care basic set ((¥ 8,800= 1124,66€). Face and Body care set (¥ ​​10,900= 1394,23€) and son on.

how to use proactive

You must bear in mind that the effect will not appear in a few days. Skin care including acne care does not become fruit in several days. Therefore, I am taking a refund guarantee like the above. Since we cannot feel the effect with a small number of free samples. So, we decided to make a full 60-day money back guarantee. Long-term warranty is a manifestation of proactive confidence and since I am hoping that it will be a true solution to people suffering from acne. The proactive combination treatment was developed as a unique acne skin care technology, and has gathered support for many people who have troubles. 10 consecutive years in the US market No. 1, and achieved the 1st place in the acne skin care market in Japan as well.  

using proactive
Support system is also substantial, and consultation by telephone, consultation by web mail, consultation by online chat is also accepted. Also, there are consultations by experts, and we will contact customers by adviser at the appointed date and time after we make a reservation (web or phone). Such a support system has also been accepted and trusted as a way to realize customer’s skin care solution like casino en ligne.
We are realizing the warranty system for 60 days by pride to offer reliable products to customers seeking certain results.